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Burning Biceps

When it comes to biceps everyone seems to know the basics. These basic moves, which include barbell and dumbbell curls, are the foundations to building bigger stronger biceps. However, after numerous times of performing these moves your arms will become use to the same number of sets and repetitions leading to smaller, less noticeable gains. With this workout your arms … Read the rest

Lifting for Strength

For some, strength is of the utmost importance with size and mass not being one of the top goals. This can be for a variety of reasons such as for sports or different weight lifting competitions. While the two are not mutually exclusive there is a range that is more effective to gain power over size. Here is a list … Read the rest

Pushup 4 Week Challenge

Before you start this push up challenge that will help increase your push up amount dramatically we need to do a base test to see approximately where you are at. In order to perform this, do as many strict form push ups as you can in one set.

This will be the number that your workouts will be based on for … Read the rest

Build that Rounded Chest

Do you feel that your chest is missing some size or definition? If you do you have come to the right place! The chest is often times a muscle that is hard to develop. People spend countless hours hitting the bench to no avail. This becomes frustrating and seems impossible to overcome but thats because of the style of workouts … Read the rest

Blood Type Diet

A diet trend that has been in the main stream since its release in 1996, known as the Blood Type Diet advocated Peter J. D’Adamo, has led to a lot of questions regarding diet plans. Research, according to D’Adamo, shows that the blood type that you have can effect how your body metabolizes the food you eat. Many medical researchers Read the rest