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4 Weeks to Mass

I  used this program in the summer for the 4 weeks leading up to my progress picture and let me tell you the results were unbelievable. I was not only looking better but felt much stronger and confident. My lifting ability went up dramatically all across the board and that was done with this program and complete dedication to getting results. … Read the rest

Working Out with a Busy Schedule

Working out, everyone knows its benefits but very few stick to a program. There are a variety of reasons that individuals fall off track with the main one being “lack of time”. This has become a major problem because the idea of working out is deemed as impossible and completely thrown out the window. This “problem” can be fixed very … Read the rest

Best Exercise for Abs- The Plank

If you are looking to tighten up your midsection, strengthen your core and improve your muscular endurance, then planks are the perfect exercise for you. So many people are too focused on doing crunches to build that strong midsection, but honestly it’s not very effective. Crunches continually put your body into a “hunched” position, messing up posture and and leading … Read the rest

5 x 5 Workout

What is 5×5?

The 5×5 program is a simple workout plan consisting of 5 sets of 5 reps for each workout done. This is an optimal rep range for strength gains, allowing the lifter to use approximately 85% of their one rep max. This weight provides an efficient amount of tension for the muscle fibers leading to both gains in … Read the rest

Burning Biceps

When it comes to biceps everyone seems to know the basics. These basic moves, which include barbell and dumbbell curls, are the foundations to building bigger stronger biceps. However, after numerous times of performing these moves your arms will become use to the same number of sets and repetitions leading to smaller, less noticeable gains. With this workout your arms … Read the rest