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Daily Ab Workout

Looking for that summer bod that everyone dreams of? Well, you’re not gonna get it sitting on the computer all day long! The key to attaining and maintaining a strong abdominal core doesn’t only involve crunches, but a well-balanced nutrition as well. Here I will take you step-by-step through a simple ab workout routine that can be completed each day Read the rest

Chest and Triceps: Workout of the Week

The chest and triceps are areas where a lot of size and stature can be gained by an individual. A rounded chest can greatly enhance your physique, while working triceps can add massive amounts of size to your arms. All it takes is a few simple workouts done to complete failure to start seeing the results you have been looking … Read the rest

What’s your excuse?

“Im too tired”, “Maybe next time”, “I will start tomorrow”. It seems that nowadays everyone has excuses to avoid doing that one thing they know they should. All it takes is a little motivation to finally make that simple change that can finally turn your life around for the better. Just take a few minutes to watch this video and … Read the rest

Burning Biceps

When it comes to biceps everyone seems to know the basics. These basic moves, which include barbell and dumbbell curls, are the foundations to building bigger stronger biceps. However, after numerous times of performing these moves your arms will become use to the same number of sets and repetitions leading to smaller, less noticeable gains. With this workout your arms … Read the rest