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Arnold Shows It Best

When you think of Arnold Schwarzenegger, you see a man who has become a very successful bodybuilder, movie star and even a governor. Many people don’t take a second to think about how much work it must have taken for him to reach all of these goals in his lifetime. He had many barriers to face throughout his life but overcame them … Read the rest

Fat Loss Through Weight Lifting

When it come to losing weight and burning off that extra fat the first thing that comes to mind is cardio. It has been engraved into everyone’s head that in order to effectively lose weight you must hit the treadmill. It seems like every believes that weight lifting will not have much of an effect on fat loss. That is … Read the rest

Rep Speed: Fast Reps vs Slow Reps

One of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to lifting is at what speed each rep should be done. This has been an area of controversy with many people defending opposite sides of the argument. Everyone has heard that they need to keep the weights under control while performing a rep, but what does that exactly mean? It … Read the rest

Working Out with a Busy Schedule

Working out, everyone knows its benefits but very few stick to a program. There are a variety of reasons that individuals fall off track with the main one being “lack of time”. This has become a major problem because the idea of working out is deemed as impossible and completely thrown out the window. This “problem” can be fixed very … Read the rest

Pushup 4 Week Challenge

Before you start this push up challenge that will help increase your push up amount dramatically we need to do a base test to see approximately where you are at. In order to perform this, do as many strict form push ups as you can in one set.

This will be the number that your workouts will be based on for … Read the rest