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Arnold Shows It Best

When you think of Arnold Schwarzenegger, you see a man who has become a very successful bodybuilder, movie star and even a governor. Many people don’t take a second to think about how much work it must have taken for him to reach all of these goals in his lifetime. He had many barriers to face throughout his life but overcame them … Read the rest

5 Steps to Increase your Bench instantly!

When it comes to lifting weights the most commonly asked question is “how much do you bench?”  It’s the one weight that everyone uses to determine their strength level. Whether bench is your strongest or weakest point we have some tips that will allow you to increase the weight that you are benching instantly (yes you heard me, INSTANTLY).

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Blood Type Diet

A diet trend that has been in the main stream since its release in 1996, known as the Blood Type Diet advocated Peter J. D’Adamo, has led to a lot of questions regarding diet plans. Research, according to D’Adamo, shows that the blood type that you have can effect how your body metabolizes the food you eat. Many medical researchers Read the rest

Burning Biceps

When it comes to biceps everyone seems to know the basics. These basic moves, which include barbell and dumbbell curls, are the foundations to building bigger stronger biceps. However, after numerous times of performing these moves your arms will become use to the same number of sets and repetitions leading to smaller, less noticeable gains. With this workout your arms … Read the rest