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Training Through Sprints

Sprinting is seen as a quick cardiovascular workout that can help with conditioning, but many people do not know the true benefits that can be gained. Sprints can help you build up muscle, improve your health and live a more enjoyable life.

“Life is often compared to a marathon, but I think it is more like being a sprinter; long Read the rest

Burning Biceps

When it comes to biceps everyone seems to know the basics. These basic moves, which include barbell and dumbbell curls, are the foundations to building bigger stronger biceps. However, after numerous times of performing these moves your arms will become use to the same number of sets and repetitions leading to smaller, less noticeable gains. With this workout your arms … Read the rest

Chest Plateau Buster Workout

After working out strictly for several months there will come a time when you will see very little gains, if any at all. This can be very depressing to any lifter, especially one that is fairly new to lifting. Often times this is the period of time when all motivation is lost and you feel like throwing in the towel … Read the rest

Blood Type Diet

A diet trend that has been in the main stream since its release in 1996, known as the Blood Type Diet advocated Peter J. D’Adamo, has led to a lot of questions regarding diet plans. Research, according to D’Adamo, shows that the blood type that you have can effect how your body metabolizes the food you eat. Many medical researchers Read the rest

What Protein Should I Take?

When it comes to choosing what protein powder is right for you, there are several different factors you should take into consideration. The main questions being, why do you want to add protein powder to your diet? Are you using it to help gain muscle mass? Or are you planning on using it as a meal replacement?  The reasons can … Read the rest