Chest and Triceps: Workout of the Week

The chest and triceps are areas where a lot of size and stature can be gained by an individual. A rounded chest can greatly enhance your physique, while working triceps can add massive amounts of size to your arms. All it takes is a few simple workouts done to complete failure to start seeing the results you have been looking for. It is not about any fancy equipment or state of the art technology. All it comes down to is you and the iron. Go into every workout pushing yourself and you are bound to see results.


The upper chest is best worked while exercising on a 30% incline bench. (Best done with dumbbell to take tension off shoulders)

The middle chest is best worked while exercising on a flat bench. (This can include flat barbell bench, dumbbell bench or flyes)

The lower chest is best worked while exercising  on a 45% decline bench. (Best done with dumbbells for a further stretch)

It is recommended that the rep range be kept at 12 or under in order to really work the chest. This means that a heavier weight will need to be used in order to truly push and exhaust your muscles.file000725844206

  • Barbell Incline followed by pushups- 3 sets (6-10 reps) to as many push-ups as possible.
  • Barbell flat bench followed by pushups- 3 sets (6-10 reps) to as many push-ups as possible.
  • Cable Crossovers (High, Mid, Low)- 3 sets (6-10 reps each)


Through the chest exercises above you effectively worked your triceps but now it is time to give them the complete focus for the next three exercises. These exercises are isolated to the triceps, allowing them to take all of the workload.  These reps should be done in a slow and controlled motion in order to maintain a constant strain on your muscles.

  • Weighted Dips- 4 sets (6-10 reps)
  • Skull Crushers- 3 sets (10-12)
  • Tricep Pushdown- 3 sets (10-12 reps)

These three workouts are my absolute favorite triceps workouts and have led to a great increase in size to my arms. The key to these workouts is forcing out as many reps as you can, with either the help of a spotter or by dropping the weight throughout the set.

As always remember to stay focused on your workout. When you get into the gym leave your problems at the door and be ready to go to war.

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